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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2021 Premiere on December 12

The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards will make its debut next month, on 12 December, 2021, with a live-streamed, digital award ceremony. The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards honour the sector and the individuals who have made significant contributions to it over the past year. In order to celebrate those who have had a positive impact on Amsterdam’s coffeeshop community, nominations will be accepted in a number of categories. A number of industry-judged awards will also be given out. Anyone interested in Amsterdam’s burgeoning cannabis scene should not miss the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards digital award ceremony on Sunday, 12 December, 2021. 

29 categories have been created to honour not only the coffeeshop brands and their products, but also the components and people who work behind the scenes to create the complete coffeeshop experience. Nominations are now being accepted for 18 distinct People’s Choice categories until November 16th, with voting formally beginning on November 21st. The first 100 to vote can pick up a VIP Swag Bag from Coffeeshop Info Centre in Amsterdam, with the option to have it shipped in the event that you can’t make it to Amsterdam. 

VIP Swag Bag

These bags are filled to the brim with awesome swag from various Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2021 sponsors and partners. We got a sneak peek at some of the treats and can confirm that they are awesome! They make an excellent self-indulgence award or even several holiday presents for your smoking companions! Among the great items in the VIP Swag Bags are seeds, branded merch, and smoking accessories, to name a few. When voting officially begins, information on how to earn one of these amazing VIP Swag Bags, when they will be available for pickup, and how they may be delivered by mail will be accessible.

Current VIP Swag Bag Donors: Amsterdam Genetics, SupMedi, Kushware, Goldfish Amsterdam, Red Fox Genetics, Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards, Dam Terps, AudioKush, & more.

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2021 Categories

Among the notable categories are Budtender Of The Year, Best Coffeeshop Beverage, Graphic Designer Of The Year, Best Coffeeshop Hash Menu, Art Expo / Mural Of The Year, and Most Knowledgeable Personnel. The complete list of categories may be seen and nominations made on the official website of the Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards.

A varied group of industry experienced judges will study and assess an additional 11 categories. These 11 categories will be devoted to the goods that attract clients to coffeeshops. Because, after all, isn’t that why we all like Dutch coffeeshops? The judges’ scores will be used to reward competitors in a variety of categories, including Sativa, Hybrid, Indica, Hash, Edible, Pre-Roll, Extract, CBD Product, and Interactive Game. Wait a second. That’s just 9 categories, you may be saying to yourself. That’s because 2 High Squish Cup categories (Hash & Flower) will recognize the highest producing rosin presses quantitatively!

High Squish Cup

Hash and Flower will make up these 2 High Squish Cup categories. Hash & Flower submissions will be crushed into solventless extracts using a rosin press. This method is used to create a highly concentrated and medical product by eliminating undesirable plant components such as fibers, fats, and lipids, leaving a potent consistency of cannabinoids and terpenes to enjoy! The three highest producing High Squish Cup outcomes in their respective category (Flower or Hash) will be crowned champions!

“What is the Interactive Game category?”

We’re glad you asked! We’re thrilled that this category has been added. There are a plethora of amazing interactive board and card games centered on cannabis that can be played in less than an hour! These are the sorts of activities that are ideal for a coffeeshop setting. In fact, many of these games are already played inside coffeeshops around the Netherlands. This category helps bring much-needed attention to the industry’s creative side. A group of judges will test and assess these games in a range of areas. The Amsterdam Coffeeshop Awards 2021 will honour the three best cannabis-themed interactive games!

Check back for more updates as we get closer to the awards.

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