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Clouds in the city cup Amsterdam 2021 Winners AudioKush

Clouds In The City Cup 2021 Winners

Winners Of The 2021 Clouds In The City Cup Have Been Announced!

Amsterdam’s Clouds in the City Cup returned in October of 2021 for a 4th instalment. The cup began in 2018 with a goal of bringing a sense of unity and inclusion to Amsterdam’s cannabis community. 2021 Clouds In The City Cup judging categories included Best Indica Flower, Sativa Flower, Hybrid Flower, Traditional Hash, B.H.O (Solvent-Based Extract), Rosin (Solventless Extract), CBD, Edible, and Vaporizer.

Best Coffeeshop Flower

1ST Devil’s Pie, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

2ND Kosher Kush, Coffeeshop 137

3RD Melonade, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

Best Coffeeshop Hash

1ST Bubba Kush, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

2ND Lava Cake, Happy Days Coffeeshop

3RD Strawberry Cake, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

Best Coffeeshop

1ST Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

2ND Coffeeshop 137

3RD The Rookies Coffeeshop

Best Hybrid Flower

1ST Lolly, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

2ND Skittlez, Growers With Attitude

3RD Sour Skittlez, Grower’s Choice

Best Indica Flower

1ST Kush Mints, Growers With Attitude

2ND Purple Punch, Alto Jardin

3RD Banana Gpeu, Grower’s Choice

Best Sativa Flower

1ST Mimosa (Symbiotic Genetics),  Hash Broz x Golden Extracts

2ND Orangeese, Coffeeshop Het Gelderse

3RD Peche Migron, La Chanvrière

Best Hash

1ST Devil’s Juice, The Myron Labs

2ND GMO Fresh Frozen, Hash Broz x Gold Green Extracts

3RD Sherbie, The Myron Labs

Best Artisan Extract

1ST Terpless Diamonds, G6 Extracts

2ND Fresca Melon Wet Badder Rosin, La Chanvriere

3RD Pineapple Express CBD Terpsolat, Xtract

Best Edible

1ST Cream Cup Cake, Gambit Gasolina

2ND BHO Sweet Ring, Pete’s Edibles

3RD THC Honey, Mystery Weeds Products

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