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In-House Genetics Partners With Genesis Cannabis In Oklahoma

This week, In-House Genetics revealed an exclusive & strategic partnership with Genesis Cannabis in Oklahoma. In-House Genetics in the coming months will enter the Oklahoma market with Genesis to offer seeds, cannabis floral goods, extracted products, and edibles.

The key objective of Genesis Cannabis and In-House Genetics’ strategic relationship is to maintain the high level of genetics that is very much expected. This allows In-House Genetics to remain at the forefront when it comes to new cannabis cultivars and special limited crosses. This partnership further enables In-House Genetics not only to phenohunt, but also to incorporate a verification scheme on all licensed goods. 

Genesis is a Southern Oklahoma focused, vertically integrated cannabis company. They specialize in high-end production and manufacturing of marijuana flower and cannabis extractions, and cloning a wide-variety of cultivars in their commercial nursery.

“With Genesis Cannabis this will firmly plant In-House Genetics in the Oklahoma market all the while maintaining Quality over Quantity attitude that built In-House and its reputation.”

Now, In-House Genetics will have its own breeding ground within the Genesis facility, which includes cloning, breeding, and phenotype hunting. This will open the door for In-House Genetics to continue producing high-end and reliable cultivars, while also offering its strains in clone form.

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