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Joy Organics CBD Full Spectrum Tincture Lime Review

Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime Organic CBD Tinctures (Product Review)

CBD oil is having a moment in the limelight, which has kicked the door wide open for cheap imitations. Joy Organics is a reputable CBD oil manufacturer that formulates premium-grade tinctures using USDA-certified organic hemp. Predominantly known as a broad-spectrum CBD oil brand, Joy Organics just released its first full-spectrum tincture. Here’s my experience using Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime Organic CBD Tincture.

Initial Thoughts on Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures

Full disclosure, Joy Organics has become my top choice for CBD products. I’ll still try other brands, especially when Joy Organics doesn’t have that item in their catalog. Shout to Leif Goods’ Dark Chocolate with Peanut Butter & Strawberry Powder! 

So, while I’m a little biased, I’m not 100% biased. 

Joy Organics offers free shipping on all products. I usually receive my items within a week of ordering. They are always carefully packed by hand to ensure that the product arrives in pristine condition. 

I love that their CBD tinctures are in amber glass bottles. Glass is far more sustainable than plastic. Plus, it doesn’t hold moisture that could cause contaminants to grow, as plastic does. Also, amber blocks out light particles that can hurt the CBD oil’s potency. 

What Is In Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures?

While hemp products became legal in late 2018, the industry is still not as heavily regulated like other goods. The increase in demand for CBD oil has caused a surge in hemp-based products. That means there’s a lot of unregulated products out there. 

Joy Organics is a member of the U.S. Hemp Roundtable, a coalition dedicated to maintaining CBD products’ integrity. Their CBD tinctures are formulated using solely USDA-certified organic ingredients. 

Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures contain:

  • Full-Spectrum Hemp Extract (0.3% THC or Less)
  • Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCT) Oil 
  • Organic Key Lime Oil
  • Organic Stevia

This simple formula is third-party lab tested for purity. I love that you can scan the QR code on their label to check out the results for yourself. 

What Did Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures Taste Like?

Let’s be real. I don’t love the flavor of hemp oil on my tongue. Unflavored CBD oil has a strong earthy taste that leaves a lingering, bitter bite. 

I found these tinctures to be some of the most palatable I’ve ever tasted. The key lime oil is extremely bright. Its terpenes burst through the gritty hemp oil to make for a pleasant experience. 

Plus, this formula contains organic stevia. This all-natural sweetener helps cut the bitter aftertaste that tends to happen with hemp oil.

How Long Does It Take for Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures to Work?

The flavor of tinctures is important to me because tinctures are my preferred method of CBD use. Tinctures are awesome because they’re the fastest way to experience the benefits of CBD oil.

While I’m a huge fan of edibles, they take forever to kick in. Your stomach must digest the food particles and absorb the phytocannabinoids. 

Tinctures bypass this whole process. Most of the absorption happens in your mouth. A lot of people will experience the benefits between 15-30 minutes. With these tinctures, it took just 10 minutes to experience the effects. 

How Did Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures Make Me Feel?

I use CBD tinctures to help manage my anxiety. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I take a few drops and do something that’ll take my mind off things.

By the way, I highly recommend chilling with some tinctures and cleaning your piece. Nothing is more relaxing than experiencing the calming effects of CBD oil while working your favorite cleaner into every nook and cranny of your dab rig

I’ve used many tinctures, particularly Joy Organics. My go-to use is usually their Tranquil Mint oil. Even after using these fresh lime tinctures, the mint will still be my go-to for anxiety. 

Don’t get me wrong. Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures definitely helped calm my mind. However, they created more of a focus effect. I really zoned in on cleaning my rig rather than just zoning out. 

These differences are due to the essential oils in the formula. Predominant terpenes in peppermint oil used in their Tranquil Mint formula are menthol and limonene. These aromatic chemicals tend to promote calmness and relaxation. 

Lime oil in Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures tends to be high in the terpene limonene. This chemical helps with relaxation but also stimulates the mind. I’ll most likely use this tincture when I have a lot of work to do or want to relax but pay attention while watching a movie. 

How Were Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures vs Broad-Spectrum Tinctures?

Joy Organics specializes in THC-free CBD products, which includes their Tranquil Mint formula. Their Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures are their first full-spectrum (0.3% THC or less) offering. 

I’ve used full-spectrum products and broad-spectrum products in the past. Personally, I find both to have the same desired effects. 

To the average CBD user, upgrading to a full-spectrum might be beneficial or create an entirely new experience. However, I’m not convinced I need full-spectrum over broad-spectrum, or vice versa.

I believe that this might be because I have a high tolerance for phytocannabinoids. That must be to all the dab rig cleaning I do!  

As a heavy cannabis user, the difference in formula effects came down to the terpenes in the essential oils. That’s why I’m going to use these tinctures when I need to get in the zone and keep using the Tranquil Mint ones when I need to zone out. 

Final Thoughts on Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures

Using Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures was a refreshing experience. These fast-acting tinctures really helped clear the chatter in my head so that I can focus on the task at hand. 

Joy Organics helps promote wellness by using USDA-certified ingredients. Their products are protected in amber glass bottles and hand-packed with free shipping. Between customer service, packaging, and quality of product, I would highly recommend Joy Organics’ Fresh Lime CBD Tinctures.

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