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Blog Featured Image - Jones Soda Cannabis Infused

Jones Soda Plans To Make Cannabis Infused Beverages

Jones Soda is launching a new endeavor that will feature cannabis-infused beverages. You know, that brightly colored soda in glass bottles with quirky labels, that’s found at some of the dankest delis and bodegas around? Jones Soda is now branching out into the cannabis sector with a range of THC infused products.

Jones Soda Set To Enter Cannabis Industry With THC Infused Beverages

According to a news release from Business Wire, Jones Soda is planning to enter the cannabis business. “We believe that Cannabis-infused beverages and edibles are a perfect fit for the iconic personality of the Jones brand,” states President & CEO of Jones Soda, Mark Murray.

Jones Soda is set to provide a number of marijuana infused choices, including soft-drinks, edibles, and other related goods. They plan to carry out their proposed cannabis activities via one or more subsidiary companies apart from its established beverage company.

What Is Jones Soda?

Founded in 1995, Jones Soda is a one-of-a-kind premium soda produced from 100% cane sugar. They are known for having bold & unique tastes, bright colors, and continuously changing user-submitted labels.

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