Borat Sues Cannabis Company Solar Over Billboard

Sacha Baron Cohen Sues Cannabis Brand For Using Borat On Billboard

Sacha Baron Cohen has filed a lawsuit against the cannabis company, Solar Therapeutics, for using Borat on a billboard. Solar Therapeutics had Borat featured on their 4/20 billboard, on display just outside of Somerset, Massachusetts.

Sacha Baron Cohen is furious that his “Borat” figure is used by a cannabis company on one of its enormous billboards. The actor is suing Solar Therapeutics, where he asserted that his renowned personality, “Borat,” was utilized in Massachusetts to commercialize medicinal marijuana. Mr. Cohen is seeking $9 million (US dollars) in damages from Solar Therapeutics.

Solar Therapeutics promptly removed the billboard after receiving a cease and desist letter from Mr. Cohen’s legal counsel.

Sacha Baron Cohen argues that he does not even participate in the use of cannabis. The Borat star is livid and has brought proceedings against the marijuana company Solar Therapeutics for at least $9 million US dollars in damages. 

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