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Curfew In Netherlands Generates Over €500,000 In First Two Nights

Just two nights into curfew and the Netherlands has generated a massive €500,000 from curfew violations. If you are caught violating the new COVID-19 curfew measures, you risk receiving a €95 fine.

On Saturday (and early Sunday morning), the first night saw 3,600 fines being issued for violating curfew measures. The second night, 2,100 fines were issued. However, it is understood that more fines may have been issued, had the police not been preoccupied by protests and riots. At €95 per fine, that’s a total of €541,500 generated by the Netherlands from curfew violations! If you look at the high amount of revenue that will be generated, it is clear these curfew fines are being handed out like flyers for a rave.

Since 23 January 2021, you must remain indoors in Netherlands from 21:00 until 04:30. Curfew measures will remain in effect until at least 10 February 2021. Some exceptions apply, like walking a dog and approved work obligations.

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