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New York Dispensaries Gain Momentum As More Open

New York Dispensaries Gain Momentum As More Open

Over the past several weeks, New York dispensaries saw an increase in numbers, despite a slow start. New York may have legalized cannabis in 2021. However, with many delays, the retail market was slow to gain momentum, seeing its first round of adult-use recreational dispensaries by early 2023.

Now, in 2024, the state has issued around 275 provisional licenses for recreational dispensaries, of which only around 90 are currently in operation. Governor Hochul has been vocal about her frustration with the slow progress of opening dispensaries in New York. In February, she expressed her impatience with the states cannabis control board, urging them to expedite the process. “I’m very fed up,” Hochul asserts.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow in New York, more dispensaries are needed to meet demand. With 100 new licenses recently awarded, residents can expect to see a significant increase in options for purchasing recreational cannabis in New York.

New Dispensaries Make Their Debut Across New York State

The newest New York dispensaries to the scene are Aspire and P Nuggs, which opened today (3/25). Located at 205 North Fulton Street, Aspire offers a wide range of products for both medical patients and adult-use customers. P Nuggs is located in Malone. Another upcoming dispensary for this week is Two Buds Dispensary, set to open in the Bronx on either March 29th or 30th.

Last week saw the opening of Honey Dispensary in Kenmore, owned by former Erie County executive Joel Giambra. This dispensary, located in a former bank on Delaware Ave., offers a unique shopping experience for customers, as it is affiliated with the California brand Honey. Additionally, Black Market Cannabis Co. had their soft opening in Poughkeepsie last Friday, with a grand opening event scheduled for April 20th.

Women-Owned Dispensaries Take Charge In New York

Manhattan opened doors to the first black-woman owned dispensary on March 20th, Bliss & Lex. Located at 128 East 86th St., Bliss & Lex is conveniently located to subway access and is open seven days a week.


Earlier in the month, we saw the openings of several other women-owned New York dispensaries, including Public Flower and Puffalo Dreams, both in Western New York. Public Flower located on Allen Street and Puffalo Dreams on Niagara Falls Boulevard have been receiving positive reviews for their high-quality products and welcoming atmosphere.

The increasing number of women-owned dispensaries in New York is a promising sign of diversity and inclusivity in the cannabis industry.

Looking Ahead, More New York Dispensaries To Open

With more dispensaries like Elite Cannabis in Bayside, Canna Dreams in Manhattan, and Flower City in Rochester, it seems that progress is finally being made. As more dispensaries prepare to open their doors, cannabis enthusiasts across New York State are eagerly anticipating the wide array of products and services that will soon be available to them.

The expansion of New York dispensaries is a promising sign for the growing cannabis industry, providing more options for consumers and increasing accessibility to legal products. With the continued opening of new dispensaries, residents can expect a wider range of choices and potentially lower prices as competition increases.

The growing cannabis industry in New York is creating opportunities for entrepreneurs and providing residents with safe and legal access to cannabis products. Additionally, the increase in dispensaries will also create more job opportunities within the industry, boosting the state’s economy.

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