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dabx audiokush hq 2024 updates

DabX Updates: Go Cart, Pro Tool, Custom Domes, & More!

DabX was engineered with a mission of providing cannabis consumers a safer, easier, and faster way to consume cannabis concentrates. Designed in California, the DabX is a creation of former race car driver, Chris Rado and both the DabX Rocket and Go are manufactured on site in Los Angeles. Since the introduction of DabX’s first device, the Rocket, the brand has made lasting impact in the dabbing community.

DabX Go

DabX Pro Tool

DabX’s new Pro Tool takes hot knife dabbing into the new age. This heated dab tool allows users to serve dabs with ease and sophistication. The Pro Tool even comes complete with a led light at its tip, perfect for those in-the-dark dabs. The Pro Tool has 3 calibrated heat settings, perfect for the optimum temperature control as you dab across a range of concentrates. In addition, in auto mode, the Tool will remain heated for 10 seconds, perfect for a smooth dab transfer.

The DabX pro tool comes in a durable carrying pouch for convenient on the go use, which even clips right to the side of your DabX Go case! A valuable addition to the DabX Go set up as well as a must have for the serious dabber of any kind. 

DabX’s streamlined collection continues to wow connoisseurs and offer easy relief to medical users.

DabX Go Cart

This latest development comes shortly after the release of Dabx’s newest innovation, the 2 gram refillable Go-Cart, a larger and faster fill-and-go system for the Dabx erigs. Dabx claims that consumers can load this portable vaporizer cartridge and have it ready for use in 3 seconds.

The Go-Cart speeds up Dabx’s already lightning fast dabbing process by eliminating the loading and preheating steps. To use the cartridge, consumers simply fill the concentrate tank with liquid or semiliquid concentrate product, using the provided syringe. This cartridge is compatible with both the Dabx Go and Dabx Rocket.

Since the release of the Dabx Go at the end of 2022 consumers have been eagerly awaiting the next development from Dabx. As the brand is a strong competitor to other erig devices such as the Puffco Peak and Dr. Dabber both of which have amassed a large collection of customizable features to appease the high demand of the cannabis consumer market. 

In December, the brand teased the release of Dabx Go devices with custom colored bases including red and black, as well as a series of customized device glass domes. The custom colors appear to be the result of Dabx collaborating with industry leaders in the concentrate sector including Jungle Boys, Raw Garden, and Terphogz. As of now, Dabx has not revealed how customers can get their hands on these special edition devices. 

With four specially-developed heating profiles and a chamber free from heated plastic, the device strives to maximize the flavor, ease, and durability of the erig experience. The device even charges to full capacity in 30 minutes and comes with its own portable dab station for the ultimate convenience.

Customized DabX domes can even be designed to fit the DabX go by a skilled glassblower. As the DabX gains popularity it is becoming more common to see independent glassblowers designing special glass toppers to fit the DabX Go.

Custom Dabx Go dome created by the Celestine Glass Project.

The DabX Go is successor to the brand’s first creation, the DabX MK.1 Rocket. This portable device fits in the palm of the user’s hand and also offers a convenient way to dab on the go with four temperature settings and a 15 second heating time. This device can then be used as either a handheld vaporizer or can pair with your favorite glass piece with a 10, 14, or 18 mm base, giving you the ultimate erig.

Bonus: DabX Cleaning Kit

It is, of course, important to keep your erig clean, even when on the go. The DabX branded cleaning kit is sure to assist with doing just this. Each cleaning kit comes with and the promise of cleaning your device on 60 seconds!

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