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Cannabis dispensaries close in Ontario

Ontario Deems Cannabis Non-Essential: Recreational Dispensaries Close TONIGHT!

Here’s what you need to know!

Cannabis stores will shut down across Ontario on Sunday night for at least two weeks. The Ontario provincial government has deemed cannabis dispensaries “non-essential” in the wake of the latest outbreaks of the COVID-19 virus across the province.

Cannabis shops originally were considered essential businesses and instructed to remain open during the initial spread of the pandemic, after mental health and addiction experts suggested these businesses to be of “critical” importance.

This has been revoked as the number of confirmed cases of Corona Virus in Ontario approaches 3,500.

Toronto residents practice proper social distancing while queuing at dispensaries prior to their closure.
Photo by Lisa Pierce, used with permission.

“Following advice from Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health, on April 3, 2020, Ontario updated the list of essential businesses that can remain open. The restrictions are aimed at further reducing contact between people and stopping the spread of COVID-19.

By 11:59 P.M. on Saturday, April 4, 2020, businesses that are not identified on this list must close their physical locations.” Instructed the Government of Ontario in an emergency statement.

Here is a full list of businesses allowed to remain open.

The closure is set to remain in effect for 2 weeks. Cannabis producers are allowed to remain open because they are considered to be providing a medical product, but all dispensaries must close their doors to legal, recreational users. Beer, wine, and liquor stores remain open as they continue to be deemed essential.

Private sector cannabis shops are not allowed to offer online sales and home delivery to their customers. Many dispensaries are appealing to the government to allow them to continue to provide delivery or take away services for orders placed online or via telephone, but this is not currently possible.

“This is a troubling decision that will drive consumers to the illegal market. If the LCBO is open, cannabis retail should be open. We are hopeful Ontario will allow cannabis retailers to offer – at a minimum – curbside pickup instead of shutting down all retail entirely” implored the National Cannabis Working Group, an alliance of over 70 Canadian chamber of commerce businesses, in a statement on Twitter.

The Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) now appears to be one of the limited options for recreational users in Ontario starting Sunday. OCS has been offering same-day delivery on cannabis in Ontario since 2019. The retailer closed briefly during the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak in Canada, due to being unable to supply the large demand for legal cannabis in Ontario, but stated in a March 20, 2020 statement, that they felt prepared to address the increased demand for cannabis.

National postal service, Canada Post has announced that it will no longer be offering door-to-door deliveries of cannabis at this time, as these types of deliveries require person-to-person contact between postal carrier and recipient. To claim packages of this type, recipients will need to go to a post office or parcel delivery center.



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Bud Buddy

This service has been around since 2003. Yes, that is correct! This service has been delivering meds to Canadians in need for over 15 years!

The brand is taking extra measures to serve customers in the best manner possible, despite the COVID-19 crisis.

“We do not anticipate supply shortages and will continue service as normal. We are taking extra precautions in our shipping department to ensure everything is extra clean and sterile. Thank you and take care” the brand said in a statement.

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West End Buds

This brand is dedicated to providing top shelf cannabis to Hamilton and surrounding regions in Ontario.

The brand is taking extra precautions to protect customers and employees from COVID-19.

“We remain open! In light of recent events, and to protect our customers and staff we will be taking extra precautions. All employees are wearing gloves and carrying hand sanitizer. All have been instructed that if they experience even the slightest of symptoms, they are to stay home and self quarantine for the recommended period of time. We will still provide door service, if preferred, but request that all exchanges occur from the passenger side window, or if you feel more comfortable, we can do the transaction through your mailbox. We ask in return, if you are not well, and experiencing symptoms that we use the alternative methods of delivery. We also would like to take this time to remind you of our alternatives to smoking. If, in recovery of symptoms. please consider CBD oils or edibles as these will offer a safer experience. Thank you for your understanding, and be safe friends!” West End Buds cautions in a statement on their website.

The brand offers a diverse selection of cannabis and CBD products and different daily specials which include “Sweet Tooth Saturday”, “Pre Roll Sunday”, and “Take Your Pick Tuesday”.


“Cannalogue aims to be Canada’s largest, most comprehensive online catalogue of cannabis products and licensed producers.” This company provides a massive assortment of medical cannabis products for licensed patients.

CEO, Mohan Cooray, believes that treatment with medical cannabis has the potential to decrease the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. The doctor of internal medicine is currently seeking approval from Health Canada to conduct a clinical trial which tests the effectiveness of cannabis in treating COVID-19.

After a definite upswing for dispensaries, with several new shops having just opened across Ontario, this latest development is a major setback for many cannabis retailers and consumers alike. At these turbulent times, no one is certain of what we can expect next.

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