Rick and Me is a documentary that follows filmmaker, Mike Wise, who sought Rick Simpson's knowledge to cure an incurable disease.

Rick and Me, A Rick Simpson Documentary by Mike Wise: Premieres on 420

Mike Wise tells us how he met a man named Rick Simpson, who helped him cure what the medical field informed him was an incurable disease. Rick and Me is a documentary that follows the journey of American cannabis activist and filmmaker, Mike Wise, who sought Rick Simpson’s knowledge.

Rick and Me is a film by Smokescreen Productions and Mike Wise. The Rick Simpson documentary by Mike Wise is edited by Krista Nipp and the original music is composed by Sean Murphy. This documentary premiers on 420.

Mike Wise was diagnosed with Crohns disease. When he was told he would never be fully cured and would be just another number to the pharmaceutical industry, Mike Wise sought out his own answers. In this documentary, Rick and Me, filmmaker Mike Wise, of the Mike Wise Show, brings us on his healing journey, from the United States to Croatia, where he meets Rick Simpson. Through Rick Simpson’s research, he was able to provide Mike Wise with the knowledge and tools he needed to cure an ‘incurable’ disease.

This documentary trailer ends with a captivating statement from Rick Simpson. “We’ve always allowed ourselves to be controlled by the wants and needs of those who are rich and powerful. We have never really grasped the meaning of what it truly is to be free”.

Smokescreen Productions premieres the documentary Rick and Me on The Mike Wise Show YouTube channel on Monday, April 20th.

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