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Squish - July 27 - Family First (

Squishing Rosin Along The Amstel – Amsterdam


It was a beautiful Summer day along the Amstel and we were inside the home of Jack Herer Cup’s #1 Neder Hash! Of course, owner Moro insisted that we sampled their award winning Zkittlez Wax!

We are connoisseurs and like to chase flavors. That being said, we had our friends over at Dam Honey stop by, and sampled out Big Buddha Cheese 45u hash rosin.

Since it was such a lovely day in Amsterdam, the streets were flooded with tourists. We decided to set the press in the front (open) window, which allowed people passing by to get a great look at the pressing!

We pressed some delicious flavors this session. Family First’s Power Glue flower did exactly what the name says; powerfully glued you to the seat! 24k hash & Banana OG hash, flavors from our first demonstration at 1e Hulp, made their way to Family First. We also pressed some Amnesia Haze hash.


Hash Press at Coffeeshop Family First using Black Label Paper Co parchment paper and Lake Effect Extracts 25u rosin bags

We return to Family First on Sunday, 1st September, to film for the official Squish The Summer High music video!