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Top Cannabis Strains Recommended by AskGrowers in 2024

When it comes to buying marijuana, it’s important to know what type of strain you are buying, especially if you are looking for certain effects or looking for something easier to grow, and having an online resource such as a cannabis encyclopedia – AskGrowers can come in handy for you to choose the proper Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid strains. It’s also important to know how to grow your strain. Will it be difficult? Is it easy to bloom? We’ll help with these questions, depending on which option you choose.

Why is it important to choose a proper Cannabis Strain?

Modern marijuana is not the same as before, it has gone through different changes during past generations, which has created a cross-breeding effect that’s rich in cannabinoids, making strains different from each other and providing a different effect upon smoking a joint.

That’s why if you want to have a good time enjoying the healthy side effects of the best strains in 2024, we have some recommendations that will help you out with our cannabis strains guide.

Best Cannabis Strains in 2024

Wedding Cake

If you prefer smoking Indica, Wedding Cake is your best option in 2024. With a sweet flavor and being THC Dominant, you will surely have a nice trip if you take this Cannabis strain. 

Growing Wedding Cake takes from 49 to 63 days, and it can be ready for harvesting after 68 days, we can say it’s one of the easiest strains to grow! Results will be greater than expected with a hydroponic system and nice space.

Upon consumption, this is one of the strongest cannabis strains when it comes to sweet flavor, and the main effect is that it will make you feel relaxed. Keep in mind that there are some side effects, like thirst and dry mouth, but you’ll surely know how to handle them.

Also, it’s important for those who will grow the strain and consume it that THC levels range from 20 to 23% on this strain, which will surely make you feel a brain explosion with some intense euphoria once it hits you. Ready for the trip?


Another Indica Hybrid Dominant on our list comes with Gelato. If you want to taste something berry-like and feel relaxed, the Gelato strain is your best call in 2024.

For those who want to grow this strain without help, it’s important to note that this is not one of the easiest nor fastest strains out there. It takes around 56 to 63 days for it to grow, and harvesting can take up to 71 days, but there is no proper advice on how to make your Gelato bloom beautifully, and this is due to their creators keeping the growing formula a secret.

Still, our best advice is to give it a shot during August to harvest it during October, as these appear to be the best months for Gelato to give good results. The good news about this strain? It’s resistant to viruses, bacteria, and mechanical damage, and let’s not forget this one is an auto-flowering seed.

So, give it a shot if you want to smoke a berry-like weed that will make you feel relaxed and happy. Also, this one is one of the best medicinal cannabis strains on the market, providing effects such as pain relief, digestive conditions, migraines, and more.


Do you prefer Sativa Dominant hybrids? If that’s your case, Mimosa comes as a great option. Created by Symbiotic Genetics, this strain is the result of mixing Clementine and Purple Punch into one strain that has around 19 to 25% THC content.

For those who want to grow this strain at home, we recommend growing Mimosa outdoors as it can give better results. While indoors can produce up to 400G/m2, outdoors growing can produce up to 500G/m2. But truth be told, people need some experience to grow this strain as it has moderate difficulty for good results.

But for those experienced growers, Mimosa will give incredible results in 68 to 78 days, and if you plan to consume it, let us tell you that this one got second place at the High Times Cannabis Cup of 2018, so you will surely have a great time with it.

As for the effects, most people feel full of energy and happiness after smoking a Mimosa joint, which will prepare them for day-to-day activities. And even though it can produce dry mouth and eyes, this strain has more advantageous effects, such as relief of depression and stress, rather than negative side effects.

Peanut Butter Breath

Our last option on the list comes with Peanut Butter Breath. A cross between Do-Si-Dos and Mendo Breath created this hybrid strain, which ThugPug Genetics created. Those who decide to grow Peanut Butter Breath will get weed with potency and aroma in the same place.

Growing the strain is not as complicated as Gelato or Mimosa, and it takes from 45 to 50 days before it blooms. What’s important to know is that Peanut Butter Breath grows better in Mediterranean climates, so keep that in mind before you throw some seeds and grow this potent hybrid.

As for its properties, people will find that Peanut Butter Breath leans more toward Indica rather than Sativa. The main effects of this strain include a “sedative,” which is a super high level of relaxation and some good laughs while being high. But this is a no-no if you are planning on working. It’s better to consume it with your friends and enjoy the ride.

With a THC content of up to 25%, people can also use this as a relief for headaches, nausea, indigestion, or even to cure a hangover. It even helps with nerve and chronic pain, so the growing is worth it.

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Enthusiastic researcher in the cannabis field, Helga Green contributes to AskGrowers on a constant basis, with knowledge about cultivation, health impacts, and keeping people educated about how cannabis works in today’s world.

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