Uncle Stoner & Amylea Nunez

Uncle Stoner Visits Youngest Hemp Patient in History on National CBD Day

Uncle Stoner visited a Hemp farm in Albuquerque, New Mexico on National CBD Day and was joined by the youngest hemp patients in history, Amylea Nuneze. Before Amylea was even born, she had seizures in the womb. Her heart then stopped twice soon after being born. Doctors told her family she would never have a good quality of life. By using Haleighs Hope, Amylea was able to beat all odds, and is now able to walk, talk, and is 2.5 years seizure free.

“CBD saved her life,” – Uncle Stoner

Uncle Stoner also discussed the first ever CBD Squash Off, which is happening in Buffalo, NY during Harvest: Western New York’s Halloween Hemp & Art Festival on October 26th 2019.

Learn more about Amylea’s story here.