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Undercover Corona Checks Coming Soon To Amsterdam

While several catering establishments in Amsterdam have been following corona measures, many others continue to break the rules. Gementee Amsterdam stated this earlier today on Twitter as they begin to tighten up the enforcement. Expect agents in plain clothing to conduct corona checks at various catering establishments. Undercover corona checks will now be carried out in Amsterdam.

Businesses can now be closed for four weeks. The previous 2-week closure has now been extended to 4-weeks. If caught breaking the COVID-19 safety measures, an establishment will be forced to close for four weeks.

Undercover corona checks will be carried out across Amsterdam

The municipality of Amsterdam states on Twitter that some entrepreneurs continue to break the rules despite the recently amended safety measures. This is why undercover agents will now periodically check catering establishments in Amsterdam to ensure corona rules are being followed. Violations and temporary closures will follow if the current COVID-19 rules are broken.

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