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Strains: Venom OG (flower)

Venom OG is a strain bred by Rare Dankness

Strain: Venom OG
Lineage: Poison OG x Rare Dankness #1
Breeder: Rare Dankness
Source: Coffeeshop Blue Lagoon

Venom OG is an extra chem flavored Kush strain, bred by Rare Dankness. By taking their Rare Dankness #1 cultivar and crossing it back with another Kush, Poison OG, Venom OG was born. This indica dominant strain provides an enhanced body buzz, making this the perfect smoke for nighttime or if you just want to unwind after a long day. Venom OG’s sedation properties are extremely medicinal; ideal for relief of stomach aches, sore muscles, anxiety, and insomnia. Her compact flowers are made up of forest-green hues and fiery orange hairs. These colors are covered by a thick layer of cream colored trichomes, which ooze a piney gas fuelled aroma. 

Warning: Stock up your fridge before consuming Venom OG, you may destroy it with a heavy case of the munchies.

This Venom OG was picked up at Coffeeshop Blue Lagoon. We highly suggest checking out this coffeeshop for your Kush fix! Their menu regularly stocks a quality selection of different Kush cultivars.

Want to visit Coffeeshop Blue Lagoon on your next visit to Amsterdam? They are located at Overtoom 342, 1054 JE.

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