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Viewing Jack Herer Cup 2022 Amsterdam Entries

This weekend, the annual Jack Herer Cup returns to Zandvoort’s TamTam Beachclub. This beachfront establishment may be found at 12 Boulevard de Favauge, 2042 TV Zandvoort, Netherlands. You can get involved yourself as by voting as a consumer judge. View the entries at participating coffeeshops and vote for your favorites through 9 September.

Viewing Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2022 Entries

We stopped at several of the participating coffeeshops to inspect their submissions and we have to say, the quality is very impressive. This year’s competition is undeniably fierce.

Check out some of these entries from Coffeeshop Het Gelderse, Coffeeshop Magic, and Coffeeshop The Box.

Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2022 Categories

 Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, Neder Hash, Edible, Best Coffeshop, Import Flower, Import Hash, Solvent Extract, Solventless Extract, CBD Product, Special Product

Want to sample the entries yourself?

Intent in trying out some of the submissions for yourself? Good news: there is some to share with you. Instructions for joining the Jack Herer Cup Amsterdam 2022 as a consumer judge are provided below.


Voting by Consumers

While the anticipation builds up for the weekend, you may also participate in the voting process.

You can check out the entries yourself and vote for your favorites between 3rd September and 9th September. Cup entries are available for purchase at participating coffeeshops.

Consumer Day / Squash Off

This year, Jack Herer Cup will offer its first consumer day, combined with the USA Squash Off. This interactive rosin competition is hosted by Uncle Stoner, where 20 flower entries will be pressed into solventless rosin, and awarded based on live judging by industry professionals.

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