Father Obsidian x Buffalo Made Co. Collab: Health & Fortune

Lifestyle For The WNY Hemp Community

Father Obsidian and Buffalo Made Co. have collaborated to create Health and Fortune, a lifestyle collection created with the Western New York community in mind.

Father Obsidian is a premiere CBD retailer based out of Buffalo, New York, offering a range of CBD products including CBD flowers, balms, tinctures, and more as well as other natural essentials, including minerals and sage.

Father Obsidian’s Buffalo Lifter won First Place at Uncle Stoner’s USA Squash Off, a live rosin pressing competition at WNY Harvest Festival this Fall. This decadent flower is grown between the Buffalo and Rochester, New York regions and has a sweet taste and strong, energizing, yet calming effect on the body and mind.

Buffalo Lifter, Father Obsidian,

Buffalo Made Co. was created in 2012 to bring a big city sense of pride to Buffalo, New York through customized fashion and a diverse line of lifestyle products which include body wash, dog balm, and sports-themed memorabilia.

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