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BLOG COVER - Mylar Bags Amsterdam

Hot New Amsterdam Coffeeshop Trend, Mylar Bags • Where To Find Them

As the cannabis industry continues to grow around the world, branding becomes more important than ever. A few years back, we saw repurposed tuna fish cans as the hottest new way to package cannabis. Sure enough, these ‘Cali tins’ made their way to Amsterdam. Mylar bags are now becoming a popular packaging solution in Amsterdam.

Now, the hot new trend has shifted to customized mylar bags, which has quickly become the industry standard for cannabis packaging solutions. All around the globe you see images of cannabis packaged inside mylar bags. While some are very artistic, others are blatantly childish and illegal (think about copyright infringements). Though, this blog isn’t going to dive into the difference between good and bad artwork. Maybe another day.

Are you visiting Amsterdam and are looking for top shelf flower inside of custom branded mylar bags? Or do you manage a business and want to take your products to the next level with a custom mylar bag design? This blog was created to will help you!

Where can I find mylar bags in Amsterdam?

Are you in Amsterdam and you want to purchase something to smoke at the coffeeshop, but also want a quick souvenir? At the following coffeeshops you can purchase cannabis flower inside mylar bags:

Green House, Strain Hunters, De Kade, Funky Munky, Mr. K & Co., Green Place, and Family First.

Cannabis packaged in mylar bags at Strain Hunters Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.
Cannabis packaged in mylar bags at Strain Hunters Coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

Where can I purchase custom mylar bags for my brand?

Do you own a business, manage a coffeeshop or dispensary, or are you in sales and want to increase your brands overall market awareness through attractive design? Look no further! Beretta Graphics offers the best pricing on custom mylar bags!

Check out Beretta Graphics portfolio online.

Beretta Graphics also offers a variety of other promotional design & print products including grinders, rolling trays, rolling papers, glass jars, blister packs, amongst many others. Do you happen to require eco-friendly, biodegradable items? You should check out Beretta Graphics new hemp fiber products including grinders and rolling trays.

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