new york state to legalize cannabis 2021

New York Pushes for 2021 Cannabis Legalization

While 2020 has not been the year many of us hoped for, 2021 is looking brighter, at least for New Yorkers dreaming of cannabis legalization that is.

In a recent edition of Under the Canopy, a video series launched by Canopy Growth Corporation, Axel Bernabe, Assistant Counsel to New York’s governor, Andrew Cuomo discussed the governor’s plans to legalize recreational cannabis for New York State in 2021.

“We’re working on this. We’re going to reintroduce this in our budget in January. We think we can get it done by April 1. We are really focused with a compressive bill. We are really proud of that bill.” Bernabe stated during the episode which aired on October 14.

This recent episode of Under the Canopy can be viewed on the Canopy Growth Corporation YouTube channel.

During the interview, Bernabe discussed the New York Governor’s plans to legalize recreational cannabis in 2021. After two failed attempts at cannabis legalization over the past 2 years, Cuomo will again introduce a bill calling for the legislation of cannabis in January of 2021. This bill will also call for the regulation of CBD in food and beverages available on the market, making them once again available to consumers, something currently banned in New York. The Cuomo campaign maintains that legalization is the sensible next step for the Empire State, especially as surrounding states gear up for legalization.

A 2019 tour of states with legal recreational cannabis, has motivated the governor’s plans to make New York an industry leader and example for other states hoping to legalize. Bernabe is one of the top advisors to Governor Cuomo when it comes to cannabis reform.

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