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Remove Unwanted Toxins With Carbon Active Joint Filters

In comparison to joint filter tips made of cardboard or glass, activated carbon filters are the best option. In fact, cardboard or glass tips do not even perform the function of filters. Instead, their use is limited to merely that of a crutch for your joint or blunt. They provide unimpeded passage of massive volumes of carcinogens, tar, and other unwanted poisons.

Carbon active filters make it possible to eliminate contaminants without sacrificing the quality of your buzz.

Thanks to its Carbon Active Filters, Mascotte delivers a consistently clean and pleasurable cannabis combustion experience. Because these natural barriers keep out the unneeded while at the same time without diminishing the effectiveness of your high, you can be confident that your experience will be both clean and powerful.

However, what precisely are these carbon active filters, and why do they function so effectively? In this article, we will talk about the components that activated carbon filters are constructed of, how they operate, and the purpose that they serve.

What exactly is the function of carbon filters?

The most frequent type of filter utilized for the removal of gasses is the carbon air filter. They are built with a bed of activated carbon, which is also known as activated charcoal, and its major purpose is to get rid of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that are released into the air by a range of different things. They filter gasses using this method.

Activated carbon is used in a wide variety of goods and activities across several industries, including manufacturing, healthcare, agriculture, and others. This technology has a wide range of applications, some of which are gas storage, air purification, solvent recovery, decaffeinating coffee, skin care, purifying gold and related metals, metal extraction, sewage treatment, water purification, drug manufacturing, and tooth whitening. In addition, there are a great number of other applications for this technology.

Water purification, air filtration, and industrial gas processing are just a few examples of where carbon filtration is routinely put to use. When it comes to the combustion of cannabis, they have also become a highly common method for removing undesirable toxins.

With Mascotte’s carbon active filters you can filter out all the bad, and still retain full effects of the marijuana you consume.


What are the components that make up carbon filters?

Activated carbon, which is also known as activated charcoal, may be produced from a broad range of materials that have a high concentration of carbon, such as coal, coconut shells, and wood, among many other examples. The production of activated carbon may also make use  Bamboo, willow peat, coir, lignite, and petroleum pitch are a few more materials that can be utilized to produce activated carbon.

Coconut fiber is used to make Mascotte’s activated carbon filters.


How exactly do carbon filters accomplish their job?

A process referred to as adsorption is used by activated carbon air filters in order to successfully remove impurities from the air in the surrounding environment.  Adsorption causes the contaminants to become attached to the surface of the carbon. Carbon filters also perform the function of a catalyst, shifting the chemical make-up of certain impurities in the process.

Once the carbon filter has been used, it will get completely clogged with accumulated residue. These leftover residues are the impurities that are removed from cannabis when using carbon active filters. When you don’t filter this out, this carcinogenic residue can easily make its way into your lungs. The carbon becomes saturated based on the extent of its use and the quantity of pollution it is exposed to. 


Remove Toxins Using Mascotte Active Filters

Get the most out of the natural flavour of your cannabis by using filters that are designed to preserve not just taste but also wellbeing. Carbon active filters manufactured by Mascotte are intended to eliminate a significant amount of the smoke’s potentially hazardous components while still allowing the user to feel the full effects.

The paper tube of Mascotte’s Active Filter has a diameter of 6 mm. These filters are ideal for rolling with your preferred rolling-paper. 

Each end of the filter has a ceramic cover affixed to it, which makes for a smooth draw when the filter is used.

Original and Hemp are the two varieties of active filters that are available from Mascotte. White in appearance, the original filters have a polished appearance. Hemp are of a cream or off-white hue, and they are manufactured from biodegradable hemp paper.

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