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Meet Stündenglass: The World’s Most Versatile Gravity Bong

Stündenglass is a beautiful and durable cannabis consumption device that is capable of generating massive rips. When compared to previous versions of the gravity bong, this one is a major upgrade.

Stündenglass, the world’s most versatile gravity bong, was introduced to the majority of the globe in 2018. You may remember seeing a video of actor and world renowned stoner Seth Rogen showcasing the Stündenglass Gravity Bong, instantly choking up a lung! The Seth Rogen video definitely popularized the gravity bong. 

However, Stündenglass has been operating since 2012 with their revolutionary cannabis consumption device. In 2020, Grenco Science bought into the Stündenglass, who also just celebrated the tenth anniversary of their G Pen. Since then, Grenco Science has been distributing the gravity bong, as it continues its world-wide domination. 

Stündenglass’s two glass chambers, driven by kinetic motion activation, provides a broad variety of options, whether you want a tremendous rip or merely to sip and enjoy. With the versatile Stündenglass you can enjoy gravity-perfected rips of dabs, dried herbs, or hash. 

Stündenglass has also made certain that the item appears flawless. It’s a sturdy desktop gravity bong with a hookah-style hose adapter that’s much more portable than a typical home-made plastic gravity bong. It also has an add-on adaptor allows the unit to be connected to a wall.


You may be wondering, “what the heck is a gravity bong?” 

This section is for anybody who has never used a gravity bong. If you’ve already participated in gravity bong building and smoke sessions, you may skip this section and begin reading from Stündenglass’s Kinetic Motion Activation.

Before the advent of the Stündenglass, a so-called gravity bong comprised of a bottle cut in half, a bucket of water, and a cap with a hole that fit an improvised bowl. It’s almost impossible to fathom the number of sink filters that I removed when I was younger, but I was the MacGyver of our crew growing up.

Water and gravity (or, technically, a drastic change in air pressure) are used in a gravity bong to draw smoke into the water chamber. First, the bottle is submerged in water, then the bowl is lit, and last, the bottle is pulled up from the water, filling up with smoke. You then submerge the bottle back into the water and take a deep breath. The rips you get from using this approach are always stale and unpleasant to the connoisseur smoker, so it is not recommended if you are looking for a flavorful toke. 


While the Stündenglass is a vast advance over the traditional gravity bong, its use is still comparable to the vintage DIY cannabis consumption device. Though, the unpleasant flavor of stale smoke has been eliminated thanks to the kinetic motion technology, which provides a refreshing rip with every turn of the hourglass shape. 


The Stündenglass gravity bong is a two-chambered device. Moving the glass orbs, like in an hourglass, activates the kinetic motion technology.  After one rotation, the top chamber will begin to fill with vapor, and once you spin the Stundenglass like an hourglass, the mouthpiece will begin to emit the vapor. At that point, you may begin to inhale.


If you have used the classic gravity bong (also called a bucket in parts of the world) then you are aware that a DIY contraption will only last so long. Stündenglass on the other hand is an extremely durable and versatile gravity bong, hence why the brands slogan is “Gravity Perfected.”

With the Stündenglass, you can consume all types of cannabis products, including dabs, flowers, and hashish. You can attach your favorite 14mm quartz banger to Stündenglass thanks to the 14-mm glass female adapter. Enjoy gravity bong dab rips, or a variety of different portable vaporizers for other health conscious forms of cannabis consumption.

If you are a fan of vaping concentrates, you should definitely check out the Gpen Connect, a portable e-nail that fits directly into your favorite 14mm bubbler (or Stundenglass Gravity Bong)

You can even add the infusion attachment for infusing your dinners or mocktails, or cocktails if you choose to mix cannabis with alcohol (though, beware of the enhanced side-effects of alcohol when mixing cannabis with your drinking habits).

the worlds most Versatile gravity bong, stundenglass


The Stündenglass stands out from other consumption devices on the market because it does not need the user to put their lips directly on the device during usage. The vapor or smoke is expelled with a considerable deal of force owing to the kinetic motion of the device. All you have to do to inhale it is to put your mouth close to the mouthpiece and breath in.


The Stündenglass is an extremely sturdy and elegant device that can produce enormous rips. This new and improved version of the gravity bong is an absolutely game-changer. 

We can confidently assert that the Stündenglass Gravity Bong has elevated the notion of a gravity bong to its most advanced and cutting-edge state. Because of its exquisite form, durable construction, and versatility, the Stündenglass is changing the way in which we consume cannabis.

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