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TerpsArmy, a Barcelona-based Cannabis Social Club, will soon open a coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

TerpsArmy To Open A Coffeeshop In Amsterdam

TerpsArmy, a Barcelona-based Cannabis Social Club, will soon open a coffeeshop in Amsterdam. 

TerpsArmy had been speculated to be coming to Amsterdam for several months, but where they would end up remained a mystery. They established a new Instagram account, @TerpsArmyAmsterdam, which is still empty as of the time this article was published.

TerpsArmy sticker spotting in Amsterdam Centrum on 17 May, 2021

TerpsArmy takeover of Amsterdam coffeeshop, El Guapo

This week, TerpsArmy arrived in Amsterdam to begin renovating the now-closed Coffeeshop El Guapo.

Coffeeshop TerpsArmy will be situated at Nieuwe Nieuwstraat 32HS, 1012 NH Amsterdam, the former location of El Guapo.

Coffeeshop El Guapo has now closed to make room for TerpsArmy

Why didn’t TerpsArmy just open a new coffeeshop?

The takeover of coffeeshops is becoming more popular these days. This is probably because the Netherlands government does not issue new coffeeshop licenses. To open a new marijuana retailer in Holland, a license from a previous owner must be purchased. Through a grey area, the old ownership is able to add a new owner on an existing license. They then remove themselves as an owner, and voila, a new coffeeshop is born. No new license are issued unless for extraordinary circumstances.

In 2018, Coffeeshop Utopia was taken on by the Plug, another social cannabis club based in Barcelona. That’s also how we saw the opening of Coffeeshop Strain Hunters.

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