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Amsterdam Coffeeshop Change Since Covid-19 Lockdown Measures

Amsterdam Coffeeshop Changes Since COVID-19

In the previous year and few months, from the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreaks the coffeeshop community in Amsterdam saw significant changes. Coffeeshop closures, acquisitions, new ownership, and some great renovations are amongst these major developments. In this article, I’ll discuss all the key changes the coffeeshop culture in Amsterdam has experienced since March of 2020.

420 Coffeeshop becomes Strain Hunters

Coffeeshop Strain Hunters opened up in Amsterdam on September 18, 2020. The opening was met with with a special reception. This new coffeeshop in Amsterdam is branded in honor of owner Arjan Roskam and his long time partner, the late Franco Loja. Together, they were known around the world as the “Strain Hunters”.

Several Coffeeshops Received Renovations During Covid-19

When facing significant obstacles, you have to create your own benefit. This is precisely what several coffeeshop owners in Amsterdam did during Coronavirus lockdown measures. The long closure of coffeeshops, with policy changes continuously being implemented by the government and health officials, encouraged many coffeeshop owners in Amsterdam renovate their cannabis retail outlets. 

The following coffeeshops have undergone some form of renovation during the past 15 months of lockdown measures.

TerpsArmy Takes Over El Guapo

Explosion At Terminator, Helsma Forces Immediate Closure

Betty Boop Becomes Easy Times 2

Best Friends Oost Starts Building New Coffeeshop In Zuid-Oost

The Dolphins Undergoes New Ownership

The Point Coffeeshop Officially Forced To Close Doors

Iconic Get Down To It Sign Is Removed

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